Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Watch Wildwood on Dick and Dom!


Dick and Dom Go Wild! Featuring Wildwood From Monday 27th Feb CBBC

Watch Wildwood in the new series of Dick and Dom Go Wild!
Wildwood's animals are set to appear in the new CBBC series of Dick and Dom Go Wild! The series, which begins on Monday 27th February, features the comedy duo visiting some of the UK's busiest wildlife centres to encourage children to get more involved with wildlife.
Dick and Dom Go Wild! will air from Monday to Friday for 4 weeks, and features Wildwood's animals in a whopping 9 episodes. A wide range of Wildwood's are set to appear in the new series, from beavers and wolves, to horses, snakes and polecats.
The filming, which took part at Wildwood in 2011, caused quite a stir at the park as lucky visitors where able to meet the boys as they filmed around the park. Press Officer, Fiona Paterson said "It's always great to welcome film crews to Wildwood and it's especially fun to have Dick and Dom here, we know how popular they are with our visitors."
Wildwood's chief executive said "It's great to be included in this brilliant series, our aim at Wildwood is to engage people with British Wildlife and I can't think of a better way to get kids interested in than with the help of Dick and Dom".
Dick and Dom Go Wild! begins on Monday 27th Feb, at 7.45am on CBBC.

Wildwood will feature in the following episodes:
Episode 1: Monday 27th of February – The boys meet our konik horses
Episode 5: Friday 2nd March – Dick and Dom help out at the beaver enclosure
Episode 7: Tues 6th March – Dick and Dom learn about bison, help vet check a deer, fly a tawny owl and meet Paddy the polecat (pictured above).
Episode 8: Weds 7th March – The boys get messy in the wild boar enclosure
Episode 9: Thurs 8th March – Dick and Dom are raving about ravens
Episode 11: Mon 12th March – There's fun in store as Dick makes friends with Wildwood's brown rats
Episode 13: Weds 14th March – The boys meet our wolves and bison
Episode 14: Thurs 15th March – Dick and Dom become beekeepers at Wildwood
Episode 20: Friday 23rd March – Dick and Dom help some wildlife-shy girls to love our native creatures and meet a snake, a badger and a bat.


Fiona Paterson
Marketing & Press officer
Wildwood Trust

Registered Charity No 1093702
Wildwood Trust is Kent's unique 'Woodland Discovery Park', a visitor attraction with a difference.
Wildwood is not only the best place to bring the family for a day out, but it is also a bold and innovative new charity, backed by the UK's leading wildlife conservationists. As a new charity Wildwood needs everyone's support in its mission to save our native and once native wildlife from extinction.
Wildwood Trust's vision is to bring back our true 'wildwood', a unique new way of restoring Britain's land to its natural state. This involves releasing large wild herbivores and developing conservation grazing systems to restore natural ecological processes to help Britain team with wildlife again.
The Wildwood 'Woodland Discovery Park' is an ideal day out for all the family where you can see an amazing range of with British Wildlife in near natural enclosures. Wildwood offers its members and visitors a truly inspirational way to learn about the natural history of Britain by actually seeing the wildlife that once lived here.
Set in a sublime 38 acres of Ancient Woodland, Wildwood offers visitors a truly unique experience. Come Nose to Nose with our secretive badgers, experience what it is like to be hunted by a real live pack of wolves, watch a charging wild boar or track down a beaver in his lodge.
Wildwood Trust runs a highly successful programme of Conservation Projects - we are the UK's leading experts in rescuing and re-establishing colonies of Britain's most threatened mammal, the water vole. Wildwood Trust has pioneered the use of ancient wild horses to restore nature reserve. Wildwood Trust has been at the forefront of efforts to re-establish the European Beaver back in Britain where they belong. European Beaver have been proven to help manage water ways to bring back a huge range of plants, insects and animals.

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