Thursday, 28 March 2013

Stop wildlife education being banned from our schools

Are you prepared to let wildlife education be banned from our schools?

In new proposals from Education Secretary Michael Gove references that caring for the environment and wildlife will be dropped from the national curriculum.

Wildwood Trust's Chief Executive, Peter Smith has joined other leading conservationists in making public statements condemning these short sighted proposals and we are asking all of our members to petition the Government to put wildlife back into the proposed National Curriculum.

As the leading provider of Wildlife Education in the South East we are horrified that the proposed new National Curriculum dropped its previous commitment teach children 'to care for the environment' and discover 'ways in which living things and the environment need protection'.

Wildwood's chief executive, Peter Smith, says:
"We have robbed our children of a prosperous future and now our short sighted leaders want to rob them of the knowledge to protect the natural world"
"The UK has spent the last 30 years robbing from the future, both in our economy and environment, This must stop,  It is our job to give our children the knowledge to make this world a better place and protect it for future generations. "

"Our children need the tools to understand how to care for nature. I have long been an advocate that our economic and wildlife problems stem from a form of selfish cheating, robbing wealth from future generations. We need a government that is committed to giving knowledge to our children that will stop this theft. Our schools must teach our children how to think for themselves and have the wisdom to understand that if we destroy nature we are robbing from our future selves"

Wildwood is calling on our supporters to make a public demonstration of their concern by signing one of the following online petitions calling on Michael Gove to think again.


Please sign one, two or all of the above petitions to ensure our future generations can learn to care for our environment and wildlife.

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