Monday, 2 December 2013

Wildwood urgently needs your help to save dormice this winter


Dormice at Wildwood

Wildwood urgently needs your help to save dormice this winter.

This winter Wildwood really needs your help to save vulnerable young dormice. The strong winds and persistent heavy rain have been disastrous for these tiny creatures, destroying their nests and leaving many unable to survive.


Every year Wildwood steps into action to house rescued young dormice and this year the conditions are exceptionally harsh, stretching our limited resources. Dormice are some of the most endangered mammals in Britain, so it's vital that we act to protect our remaining wild populations.


We urgently need funds to pay for their care, food, vets' bills and for repairs to our woodland dormice enclosures.


Please will you help Wildwood to save baby dormice this winter?


How your donation can help:

£10   – could cover costs to care for a baby dormouse for a week

£20   – could buy some new timber to construct the much needed woodland breeding enclosures

£50   – could buy a month's supply of British nuts, the best food we can give our captive dormice

£100 – could buy the wire netting needed for one new woodland breeding enclosure



Please help by donating whatever you can:

Thank you - we really appreciate your support.

The Wildwood Team


Wildwood Trust

Herne Common

Herne Bay


Tel: 01227 712 111

Registered charity no. 1093702

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