Friday, 12 October 2018

Help rescue baby dormice - donate today

With your support we can save them before it's too late!
Wildwood Trust  Baby Dormouse Rescue Appeal
The race is on to save baby dormice before it's too late!
It’s getting cold and your support is vital if we are to rescue baby dormice. Your gift of just £25 could mean the difference between life and death…. What is more these babies will have a chance of life and could help to prevent the extinction of one of Britain’s most threatened animals.
Make a donation to save baby dormice now
At this time of year, we must be ready to rescue underweight and orphaned baby dormice, who would perish over winter without our expert care.
New scientific evidence shows the perilous state of Britain’s dormice that now, without our help, face almost certain extinction. Despite being one of our most endearing woodland mammals, its desperate plight has alarmed scientists and the situation is getting much worse!
Our dedicated conservation team are the leading experts in supplying captive bred dormice for national reintroduction programmes. But we cannot do this alone and your donation is vital to save the dormouse from extinction.
With your help today we can stop the dormouse going extinct in Britain
Please support Wildwood as your donation will go directly into caring for orphaned, underweight baby dormice over the cold winter. An underweight baby will not survive hibernation, but with expert care these babies can be nurtured at our conservation centre and will be kept safe and warm. The devastation to our countryside and woodlands by modern industrial farming and development is what we are fighting to ensure their future!
Make a donation to save baby dormice now
Baby dormouse rescued from a garden centre
But there is still hope!
Wildwood Trust’s dedicated experts and volunteers have worked for over 15 years to create a project that can help reverse this extinction, but without your help we cannot possibly build on our expertise and make the difference we so desperately want to.
Wildwood has bred more than 170 dormice and has successfully reintroduced them to woodlands where they have previously become extinct
Wildwood does a huge amount of work to save the dormice. Dormouse enclosures require constant work and repair, we pay for expensive veterinary care, scientific tests and the best nutrition to ensure our dormice have the best possible chance of survival when released back into the wild. Your support will help us do so much more and will allow us to repopulate the British countryside.
Make a donation to save baby dormice now
Your donation will be used to prevent the extinction of this wonderful species and will be put towards rescuing these beautiful creatures from their tragic struggle for survival. Please help us give a future to dormice so that future generations are not robbed of these wonderful animals.
Thank you in advance for your support and please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about this appeal.
Kind regards,

Peter Smith

Peter Smith
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